Method and characteristics

Striking Method(steel pipe sheet pile/sunk well)

The striking method is a method of hitting a steel pipe from above with a huge hydraulic hammer and press-fitting it. Since the impact is applied vertically from the top of the steel pipe, it is possible to press-fit the steel pipe with good verticality. It is suitable for press-fitting steel pipe piles and steel pipe sheet piles and constructing steel pipe sheet piles used in bridge piers.

Vibration jacking‐up method(sheet pile/steel pipe sheet pile)

The vibration method is a machine called a Vibro hammer. This construction method applies large vibration to an object such as sheet pile or steel pipe sheet pile and presses the object into the ground by the vibration. It is good for press-fitting sheet piles used for earth retaining and press-fitting steel pipes.

The others Construction Method

Revolving All Casing Construction Method

It is a construction method of excavating while protecting the hole wall with a casing.
(Cast-in-place piling) It is possible to drive piles with high verticalized by All-around rotating machines and Casing.
(Obstacle removal) It is possible obstacles left behind deep in the ground can be removed by pressing the casing in.

Reverse Method

It is a construction method of enables large-diameter and deep-drilling by the reverse circulation method of muddy water. Also, that enables rock excavation by using a special bit. It is for the ground without obstacles.

TBH Construction Method

It is a Reverse construction method for limited spaces such as narrow spaces and low altitudes.

Low Sliding Construction Method

It is possible to be installed under bridge piers with limited sky or in existing underground.

Eco pile Construction Method

It is a construction method of supporting force secured by the spiral blade at the tip.

BG Construction Method

The excavator with excellent maneuverability, which can be installed up to the boundary of the site.

JSHR Construction Method

It is a construction method of removing obstacles using the All Casing Construction Method, after that you can build expanded piles as they are.

BKF Construction Method

It is a construction method of excavation with a hydraulic hammer that realizes low vibration and low noise.

Company profile

Major line of business

  • All construction methods handled by HASSYU KENKI.
  • Steel pipe striking method(steel pipe sheet pile/sunk well)
  • Steel pipe vibration jacking‐up method(sheet pile/steel pipe sheet pile)

Main workable areas

  • Africa, South East Asia, Oseania, Europe, North Ameria, South Ameria, and more.


  • May. 2019 IRC issue (acquisition of business rights)
  • Jun. 2019 Capital ten million yen Established as HASSYU ASIA Co, Ltd.
  • Feb. 2020 Capital 50 million yen


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